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  • Ben Lawsky

    Ben Lawsky

    Superintendent of Financial Services for the State of New York

  • BeautyBubble


    Just learning stuff.

  • Nicolas Cary

    Nicolas Cary

    Nicolas Cary is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong technologist. Co-Founder & President @blockchain, Co-Founder & Chairman @YBUSA.org, Runner Reader & Fisherman

  • Crypto Trader

    Crypto Trader

    I believe Bitcoin will change our lives in so many positive ways, it'll release us all from the financial institutes that have controlled our money for so long!

  • CoinSummit


    We are passionate about bringing great people together.

  • WhalePanda


    Crypto OG. Talks about Bitcoin and sometimes other cryptocurrencies.

  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos

    Andreas M. Antonopoulos

    Bitcoin, security, entrepreneur, coder, hacker, pundit, humanist, pacifist. Working on crypto-currencies, wrote Mastering Bitcoin http://bitcoinbook.info

  • Fred Wilson

    Fred Wilson

    I am a VC

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